Class Listings at GRT Hot Glass Studios and Options

Thanks for your interest in Glass, there are a variety of ways to learn about this wonderous medium – from single session samplers to private lessons – all tailored to your individual level of interest in the medium.  The following is a list of options from which you may choose or mix and match them to create a unique curriculum just for you. To begin you should do a private lesson instead of a sampler, you will not be disappointed. For a cheaper price point we offer Sampler classes.

Samplers at GRT Hot Glass Studios (The group setting experience)

For beginners who have no experience in working with glass, a sampler is a terrific way to immerse yourself in working with the material without devoting significant amounts of time or money.  Think of them as topical surveys geared to impart the maximum amount of exposure in a minimum of time. Samplers are built around themes often tied to times of the years.  In the fall, pumpkin making is featured; at Christmas, ornaments are the focus; in February, hearts for Valentine’s Day are very popular; and paperweights can be created at any time of the year.

You can register for a sampler as an individual or should you have a group interested in doing this together, a private sampler may be arranged for you.  Corporate “team building” sessions, birthday parties, family outings, and other gatherings have all been held successfully in this setting and when it is over all participants, will have a unique item they created as a reminder of their time in the studio.

Pricing for bringing your own group in for a Sampler:

Sampler pricing is based on the number attending and what is created.

50 per person for less than 10, 10-15 is 45 per person for Paperweights, Ornaments and Pumpkins

40 per person for less than 10 for the Colored Flower class. A discounted rate of 35 per person for 10 to 20 people. 30 per person for clear flowers for our Super-Get-Your-Own-Group-On-Price.

Private Lessons at GRT Hot Glass Studios (The full 2 hour experience)

After you are done with a sampler and you desire to continue working with glass, a private lesson offers the most effective way to further develop your skills.  The setting is generally limited to one to five persons and the smaller class size allows for more individualized attention than a sampler as well as the opportunity to make more items during the class.  The standard class length is 2 hours and during this time most students make between 4 and 7 items.  The type of items made include a blob or snowmen, flowers, and paperweights. 

If you’re interested in making a blown vessel, a 3 hour class is needed.  The Date Night class is for 2 persons and includes making a glass heart in addition to other items.  The table below sets out the price schedule:

Class Length

Number In Attendance

Hourly Rate Per Person

2 Hour – Standard



2 Hour -  Standard




Demos at GRT Hot Glass Studios:

Finally, if your group is interested in a glass blowing demo at GRT each hour of a demo is $4 per person for 20-30 or if you bring 30-80 people it would be $3 per person. Silent Auction available on what is created.

Portable glass blowing studio

Matt has a portable furnace he will bring to your location.  This is an ideal way to break the monotony of monthly meetings for associations, professional groups, or students and is guaranteed to thrill and amaze attendees. If $1000 does not scare you away, lets discuss it further.

To register for a sampler, lessons, or a demonstration, log onto Eventbrite here

Contact Matt Kenyon at: or see the Kenyon’s Creations home page on Facebook.