Schedule group demonstration or hands on lesson with us.  Our events are held at GRT Glass Design and we can accommodate virtually any size group you can get together.  Matt Kenyon has years of experience entertaining and educating all age groups. Turning molten glass into objects is a fascinating process to watch in person.

Group demonstrations are $50 an hour plus $5 per person. A one hour event is enough to captivate an audience with the core process, but we can easily entertain for longer, making more complex forms and demonstrating advanced techniques. Matt will create a number of different quick blown and solid pieces to show what it takes to create things out of molten glass.

A group hands-on lesson after the demonstration is suggested so that everyone can enjoy trying out the medium.

Hands on Lessons

GRT Glass Design charges $60 per hour for one person, or $50 per person per hour per person for 2 to 5 people. If you get a group of 10 to 15 together we can do a lesson at $45 per person where each person will create their own paperweight, heart, pumpkin, snowman or a few flowers. First-timers usually start with paperweights and flowers. If you continue taking lessons, we will go through blown forms on the second lesson. All private lessons are scheduled through Matt, but must be pre-paid at the front desk at GRT.  Or you can buy a gift certificate by calling GRT at 317-357-9006 for a wonderful experience that will not be forgotten.

Glass Fusing

Experience glass Fusing $75 for each firing in my studio at the Harrison Center for the Arts.  This is a flat rate for any number of people, and includes all the glass and materials you will need. Anyone above the age of 8 is welcome to learn the properties of molten glass. It is a safe and easy to learn process for anyone. We will walk you through the process for about 20 minutes then you can take all the time you want to create small fused glass pendents, drawer pulls, magnets, or anything else you can imagine. After you've selected and laid out your glass pieces they way you want, we will fire the oven to about 1450 degrees, and your creations will be annealed overnight. Students will get their pieces back 2 days after they are fired. You are welcome to create anything you envision from superheros, silly faces, animals, cartoon monsters, self portraits or fruits and veggies. It's fun, easy and a great way to teach the properties of the glass medium to any age. My materials include recycled blown glass from the hot shop, murrine and other things I have created to fuse with.

Pricing for glass blowing at GRT Glass Design (2 hour minimum)

  • 1 person: $60 per hour per hour
  • 2 people: $50 per person per hour
  • 3-5 people: $50 per person per hour
  • 6 or more: $250 an hour same as 5 people
  • Set up a class with 10 to 15 friends, family or co-workers and everyone will make an item for $45 per person in a 2 to 3 hour session.